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In addition to conducting estate liquidations for clients,  We have been dealing in antiques and collectibles for many years.  If there is something you are looking for, please let us know.  We will try to find it for you.


 Client Recommendations


I've been busy since we last met after the completion of our sale but the good feelng of our transaction hasn't faded away.

Once again I want to thank you for the services you provided. Until now a "Estate Sale" was something that I saw or heard from "others" almost like reading the news, stuff that can't be related to average people like me.  To make it even more distant, both my husband and I are alive, in my head estate sales were only for [the possessions of] dead people.

Well I'm happy I gave you a call, even happier you called back!

Scaling down my life, and getting rid of all those things that were just there; things taking not only space in the house but cluttering my mind, was the most liberating feeling I've had for a very long time.  You took all the burden away from us, but at the same time the profit was a very welcome surprise. We would've never gotten that much selling things on our own and the hassle would've been ridiculous.

Another detail, and I don't remember if I thanked Jill for, the amazing care she took when processing all the items. I told her several times I went over everything and there was nothing left that I wanted to keep. She could've taken my word literally and blindly set things up. It sure was plenty of work doing it that way already. But no, she and her crew went over every-single-item-carefully. Unless you see the situation, it is difficult to describe how overwhelming is is to take absolutely EVERYTHING you have in every drawer, shelf, box or bag or pocket. She did it one by one. and to my delight she proved me wrong - I had not gone through everything, because she found litttle things I missed. Items that were either valuable (sentimental or material value)or just compromising [identity, financial] information that needed to be either kept or destroyed.

Once again, thanks for converting an overwhelming process into a very easy and profitable event.

Ana Z.

Panama City Beach, FL 


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Our Mission Statement

  • To provide you, as the client, with a personalized and ethical approach to your liquidation needs.  We will handle your needs with the utmost integrity and personal care." Each situation is unique and process of having a tag sale is much more complex than a typical family garage sale.  Our firm takes this into consideration and provides you with a customized approach to your needs. 

Our Company History

  • We are have been conducting estatae sales in the Panama City and surrounding areas for several years.  The company owner has lived in Panama City Beach for 30 years, having relocated from Pennsylvania

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